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Welcome to Seeley Lake Montana


Temperature: Mean Winter 15-20 deg. F  
Mean Summer 78 deg. F
  High Summer 90 Deg. F
  Lowest Winter -40 deg. F (Rare)

Precipitation Rainfall 10 inches (average)  
  Snowfall (Valley) 140 inches (average)
  Total Annual Precip.  20 inches (average)
  Surrounding Area Snowfall 240 inches (average)

 Growing Season:   60 days (average)  

 Elevation Valley 4,000 feet  
  Snowmobile 8,000 feet
  Swan Range (Holland Peak) 9,356 feet
  Mission Range (McDonald Peak) 9,868 feet
  Summit Lake 4,300 feet

Area Missoula County    

 Population: Seeley Lake (Year Round) 2,000  
  Seeley Lake (Summer Season) 4,000+
  Condon/Swan Valley 800

 Elementary Schools:   Teaching Staff Enrollment
  Seeley Lake 13 280
  Swan Valley (Condon) 8 96
  Salmon Prairie 1 13
  Ovando: 1 10
  Potomac: 12 126
  Sunset Hill (Sunset Hill Rd.) 1 10

 High Schools     Staff/Students
  Seeley Lake, Condon & Greenough Seeley-Swan High School 17/140
  Salmon Prairie North Bigfork  
  Ovando Seeley-Swan or Drummond
  Potomac Seeley-Swan or Missoula Hellgate

 Churches: Seeley Lake Swan Valley-Condon  
  The Living Water Catholic Church Faith Lutheran Church
  Holy Cross Lutheran Church Condon Community Church
  Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church Our Lady of Swan Valley
  Fundamental Baptist Swan Valley Baptist Church
Faith Chapel (Pentecostal)  
  Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  
  Episcopalian Congregation  

Land Mass Ownership U.S. Forest Service 40%  
Plum Creek Lumber Co. 35%
  State of Montana 15%
  Private Land 10%
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