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Welcome to Seeley Lake Montana

Chamber of Commerce Benefits


The Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is beneficial to both its membership and the community at large. As a long time, well known organization, it has established itself as the center for commerce & tourism.


Community Benefits


  • Resource for services offered within the community
  • Knowledgeable staff to assist with any event
  • Information center for the state of Montana and its tourism industry
  • Support for community members hosting out of town visitors


Member Benefits


  • Assist members in providing a superior product
  • Increase member name exposure
  • Advance opportunities for increasing consumption of local goods and services
  • Facilitate new ideas, products and services
  • Organize opportunities for members to network
  • Build a positive community image
  • Support organizations involved with promoting events and activities
  • Support infrastructure needs to enhance a healthy community
  • Provide direct services to our membership
    • Website
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Staff support
    • Tourism information
    • Newsletter
    • Equipment
    • Training
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