About the Chamber

Seeley Lake Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit association of businesses that have come together to advance the financial, industrial, and civic interests of the Seeley Lake area. As a result, the Chamber strives to support projects that lead to a stronger economy and an improved quality of life.

An annual membership investment finances programs that are designed to meet the goals set by the Chamber membership. The Chamber is governed by its Board of Directors, who set policy on behalf of the full membership. The Chamber staff works with an energetic crew of volunteers to achieve its goals. Business leaders who become involved with the Chamber can help actively promote programs that will support the needs of the community. The Chamber is a proactive organization that gets results and meets community needs.

The Chamber’s strength is derived from its diversity and number of members. Both large and small businesses, from virtually every profession, are represented within our organization. These members make the Chamber one of the most effective and respected business associations in the area, providing both the input and the manpower to see that the needs of area businesses are met by city, county, and state governments. As the unified voice for business, the Chamber accomplishes collectively what no one business could do alone, dealing with issues that affect the community’s development, commerce, and quality of life. The Chamber harnesses the creative energies of the business community to accomplish together what could not be accomplished individually.

Mission Objective

The Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce strives to partner with its membership to:

  • Set the standard for excellence in member service
  • Create opportunities that increase consumption of local goods and services
  • Improve quality of life for its members & community

Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


Vice President
Treasurer Bonnie Philiber Double Arrow Lodge 406.677.2777

Board of Directors

Cheryl Lewis Citizens Alliance Bank 406.677.2464
Tim Clark Pop’s Family Restaurant 406.677.2970
Kathleen Pecora, Principal

Past President

Chamber Staff

Administrator Cheryl Thompson 406.677.2309

Chamber of Commerce Benefits

The Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is beneficial to both its membership and the community at large. As a long time, well known organization, it has established itself as the center for commerce & tourism.

Community Benefits

  • Resource for services offered within the community
  • Knowledgeable staff to assist with any event
  • Information center for the state of Montana and its tourism industry
  • Support for community members hosting out of town visitors

Member Benefits

  • Assist members in providing a superior product
  • Increase member name exposure
  • Advance opportunities for increasing consumption of local goods and services
  • Facilitate new ideas, products and services
  • Organize opportunities for members to network
  • Build a positive community image
  • Support organizations involved with promoting events and activities
  • Support infrastructure needs to enhance a healthy community
  • Provide direct services to our membership
    • Website
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Staff support
    • Tourism information
    • Newsletter
    • Equipment
    • Training